AR Architectural Consultants 

House plans for the new economy

We specialize in:

* New houses

* Additions

* Lapa's

* etc.

Already started building illegally, phone us, and we will help.

In these new economy curcumstances, it is hard to afford the costs of new house plans. So the only answer is to build illegaly. However there is consequences that you did not consider. The Town Council can find out and force you to break down the lovely house, or submit plans as soon as possible at the council.

So in the event of you thinking it would have been cheaper to just break the law and start to build, you now have to pay the increased prices at the council and perhaps they won't approve it, because you have a clause in your title deed stopping you from building with certain building material or your not allowed to whatsoever build on the street boundary.

It sounds crazy to think you are not allowed to build in certain areas, but it is there for your advantage and safety. This is where Draughtmen, Architects and Technologists comes in. They have the expertise to advice you and lead you in the right direction. This person must also be registered at the Council of Architects.

So what to expect:

Specialised service, approval of standard plans at the town council.

Money wise:

* The fees of the Architect, Technologist and Draughtsmen to draw up the plans. (in most cases they will also approve the plans at the town council, but ask if they do);

* Municipal fees (Prices can be requested from the consultant or from the council)

* Civil Engineer: This insures that your building or house is safe and build on approved standards. In most cases like in dolimatic areas like Centurion, the engineer will be appointed. Joburg always request an engineer. Pretoria will only request one if you have a double storey or a wall longer than 9m.

* Fire consultant: Will only be required if you have a grass roof on the structure that you want to build or has already build. This the fire department always request in a case of grass roofs, that's bigger than 20 sqm or nearer than 4,5 m to the bounday.

We also specialise in:

* Second dwellings

* Rezoning

* Subdivision/Consolidatiion

* Height, coverage and second kitchens.

* Removal of titledeed restrictions

These applications can be done by any consultant who specialise or owner of the property. However the duration of this application is a minimum of six months, depending on the complaints and department request.

Please note: Bulk services will be ask in the case of Consolidations , Subdivisions , Second dwellings and Rezoning. These amounts may vary from area to area.

Second dwelling requires the following:

Second dwellings will only be approved if you have stands bigger than 800 sqm or you have enough parking spaces available, without blocking the entrance/exits.

* Municipal fees

* Consultant fees (this falls away if the owner does it himself)

* Placard notice in from of property

* Neighbours consent

* Layout of plans

Rezoning and Subdivision/Consolidation can be submitted at the same time. this saves time and money.

If rezonings done, the Bulk services will not be charged for Subdivision or Consolidation, as the fees will be requested after the rezoning has been approved.

Rezoning requires the following:

* Municipal fees

* Consultants fees (if you do the two applications together, the price can reduce)

*Advertising costs (Placard notice, two newspapers, government gazette)

* Neighbours consent

* Layout of plans

* Zoning-, locality- and land-use plan

* etc.

Subdivision and Consolidation can also be done at the same time, saving you time and money.

Subdivision and consolidations has to get a new SG diagram, that can only be issued by a land surveyor. There after the title deed(s) will have to be registered and new plans to be submitted at town council for the stand(s).

Subdivision/Consolidation requires:

* Municipal fees

* Consultant fees

* Bondholders consent

* Subdivision or consolidation sketch

Height, Coverage and second kitchens can be done with the submitting of the plans you want to get approved.


* Municipal fees

* one set of house plans

* Consultant fees (Architect or draughtsmen can also do this application)

For the draw up of your plans, the registered person (SAID, SACAP) will require:

* Title deed

* Water and lights account

* Copy of ID

* Power of Attorney

We specialise in Gauteng province, but we can also draw up the plans if it is in another district of South Africa.

Contractors and developers welcome !!!!


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